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Michael Candelario, hailing from Homestead, Florida, spent much of his youth living up and down the east coast with his family. A military brat and the oldest of five brothers, Michael displayed early on a natural ability to lead and teach. Michael has never settled for just “good enough” and always strives to inspire those around him to reach their fullest potential and achieve great things.

Always seeking to learn as much as possible and expand his horizons, Michael Candelario attended Virginia Military Institute and The University of Wisconsin-Madison for Real Estate Development, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. After graduating, Michael joined up with the U.S Marines and served his country for five years. Michael graduated Parris Island Boot Camp as the Honor Graduate and the first in his class of over 380 Marines.

After a challenging but rewarding five years spent with the marine corps, Michael embarked upon his entrepreneurial journey. Over the last two decades, Michael Candelario has worked in the alcohol industry, the healthcare industry, and the cannabis industry, always maintaining an interest in and aptitude for real estate on the side. Michael has now found a home in the cannabis industry as the CEO and Founder of Original Goods, a nationwide cannabis company with assets spanning eight states.

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Michael Candelario's Keys to Enjoying Cannabis Responsibly
March 7, 2021

Michael Candelario’s Keys to Enjoying Cannabis Responsibly

It is no secret that in some states, cannabis is now legal and that has many people feeling ecstatic.  This is the time to remind them that, with this legalization comes personal responsibility.  Cannabis must be enjoyed responsibly.  To that end, Michael Candelario offers his keys to ensuring that happens with each and every person […]

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